NMB Bearings

DAW Bearing Limited was established in 2002, distribution of imported high-end bearings. Currently, we've established close long-term partnership with excellent bearing manufacturers such as Japan MinebeaMitsumi(NMB) Group and Taiwan TPI Bearing.

DAW Bearing has rich human resources and professional technical force, business throughout the domestic industrial developed cities. 11 years of sustained and stable development process, the company in line with the "quality, efficiency, integrity, innovation" service purpose, technology first, win by quality.With timely supply, reasonable price, professional service and other core advantages, deeply praised by customers in the industry, and determined to create high-quality, cost-effective boutique, continue to create maximum value for customers.

DAW Bearing has subsidiary branches in Shanghai (Daiwa), Dongguan (Ruihua Bearing) and Shantou (Womeng Electronic Technology), and the introduction of advanced inventory management system to ensure adequate stock in spot.

"customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, reasonable interest, and social return" is the management tenet of Daiwa Company. The Chinese people are determined to forge ahead, dare to innovate, and continue to grow and develop in the competition. Committed to become the most influential bearing manufacturing and service professional enterprises.