NMB Bearings

2017:DAW Bearing has a significant breakthrough in the handheld stabilizer industry, with annual sales exceeding 130 million.

2016:The neutral salt spray test of stainless steel bearings produced by DAW Bearing broke through 180 hours, and the seismic decibels entered within 25 decibels.

2015:DAW Bearings accounts for 80% of the global drone market and has achieved more than 5 million sets of sales in the intelligent lock field.

2014:DAW Bearing develops robot bearings, which are specially tailored in various joints and transmissions of robots.

2013:DAW Bearing develops high-temperature and long-life bearing, which sells more than 20 million pieces per year in the electronic hair curler small household appliance industry.

2012:DAW Bearing focused on the toy RC motor industry and achieved good results.

2011:Launched the DAW Bearing Production R&D Base of Fengxian District, Shanghai, with a total area of 20,000 square meters. And successfully developed an anemometer bearing that can be adapted to various environments. (-50 degrees ~ +250 degrees) special bearings working in the environment.

2010:DAW Bearing cooperated with many domestic multinational printer companies and achieved good results in the field of printers. DAWand the famous domestic bearing enterprises share the precision bearing market of surveying and mapping instruments.

2009:In order to meet the market growth requirements,DAW Bearing has expanded its production scale and continued to focus on the manufacturing process of bearings and the improvement of product materials. DAWBearing is the first company to use imported steel balls, imported grease, and assembled bearing. This laid the precedent for DAW Bearing to replace imported bearings in some areas.

2005:Under the premise of stable quality, DAWBearing has achieved remarkable results in the field of high-speed, and cooperated with many domesticModel Aircraft motor companies to develop: high-speed, low-noise, long-lifeModel Aircraft motor bearings. The advantages in the manufacturing process are gradually formed, and DAWBearing has a certain share in the Model Aircraft Motor market.

2003: Based on the world's most advanced bearing technology (NMB, NSK), after two years of unremitting efforts, the company produced the silent bearings and the noise reached the requirements of the Z4 group (within 25 decibels)and it have been recognized by customers.

2002:DAW Bearing is positioned to produce motor silent bearings, printers, money counters, banking systems, precision instrument bearings.